Biopharma Industry Executives & Professionals

Biopharma Industry Executives & Professionals

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Medical Devices

Whether you are in the lab doing the research, running the clinical trial, manufacturing the therapy or on the business side of things, you have been relentlessly climbing the industry ladder… you are a driver and a doer. However, you are facing unique personal challenges. Integrating and managing personal finances can be complicated and stressful. 

Because you are totally focused on helping people by achieving historic scientific breakthroughs, helping patients improve their quality of life, and saving lives; you fall into the trap of not putting the same focus into your personal wealth!

We provide specialized wealth management for Biotech, Pharma and Life Science employees and executives that want to start planning their transition from industry life to a financially independent retirement.

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Your Challenge

There are endless financial options to think about, including company benefit programs, executive compensation, retirement, stock options & restricted stock units, estate plans and more. The question is – do you have the time, training or temperament to implement the optimal strategy?

Our Solution

We provide a sophisticated approach to Wealth Management Planning and have a specialized Wealth Advisor who focuses solely on helping those in Biopharma to bring truly comprehensive solutions for our clients in the industry. Our focus is on taking all the financial components of your life and, with the understanding of your circumstances and vision, create a roadmap to fulfill the goals you have for you and your family. With a plan that coordinates financial goal planning, investment planning, insurance, tax planning, business planning, and estate planning, we provide you a clear path to fulfill the lifestyle you envision along with the confidence that you are making the best decisions possible.

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Our Biopharma Wealth Planning Specialist

Stephen Hodgetts

Wealth Advisor, Biopharma Wealth Planning Specialist                   

Steve has been focusing his wealth management practice on helping the Biopharma Industry Executives since 2013 while with an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm in Boston, MA. As a result, he noticed because of the industry’s fast pace and growing complexity, it was difficult for professionals to properly plan for their personal goals. He has focused his efforts on researching the potential financial solutions available for his clients, educating them on their suitability and simplifying their implementation. In accordance with those efforts, he joined First Capital Advisors Group in 2016 to provide his clients with access to more sophisticated wealth management solutions coordinating financial, tax, investment, estate and business planning into one comprehensive plan with the support of the Wealth Management industry leaders on First Capital’s Team.

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Our Wealth Planning Process




Discovery Consultation

Introduction to Steve Hodgetts, the First Capital Advisors Group Team and a dive into your situation, goals and main areas of concern.


Initial Wealth Management Plan Analysis

Based on the information you provide us in our Discovery Meeting, our team will build an Initial Wealth Management Plan for you and your family. We will review the Initial Plan together to ensure it is in-line with your vision and to discuss the potential areas of opportunity to improve now and in the future.


Final Wealth Management Plan Discussion

Following our Initial Plan review, our team will make the necessary adjustments to your Wealth Management plan and develop our final recommendations to improve your main areas of concern as well as resolve any additional areas of opportunity we’ve uncovered in our planning process thus far. We will explore the Final Plan together and demonstrate exactly how our recommendations will improve your situation.


Final Recommendations & Implementation

After we demonstrate how to improve your situation in relation to your plan, we will dive deeper into our recommendations to further illuminate their benefits, as opposed to your other options, show you how to implement them and answer any of your questions. From there, we will discuss how First Capital can provide these solutions and discuss the next steps in moving forward as your Wealth Advisor.


Custom Periodic Review Schedule

After choosing to move forward with us, we then create a custom review schedule to periodically update your planning, monitor our recommendations and explore potential new opportunities. At a minimum, we review on a quarterly basis, but our clients have us on-demand to answer any questions or to provide advice as their situation changes between reviews.



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