First Capital Investment Partners 2018 First Quarter Review Podcast

Jim Hiles, Senior Partner, Steve Turi, Chief Investment Officer and Andy Melnick, Investment Strategist discuss first quarter results and investment outlook.              The audio chat is supported by charts and graphics and is about 20 minutes long so enjoy with your favorite beverage! Click on the following link to listen …

Don’t Fear Volatility

Wesbury 101 – Economic Video Commentary with Brian Wesbury, First Trust Portfolios Chief Economist        Listen in on Brian’s commentary on market volatility by clicking on the below link.   Don’t Fear Volatility      

First Capital Advisors Group – Intro to our Blog

Hello and Welcome to the First Capital Advisors Group Resources Center. My name is Jim Hiles, and I am a Managing Partner in First Capital Advisors Group. We are an independent wealth management firm located in Little Silver, New Jersey.

To give you some background, I have been doing financial planning and investing for over 30 years, and my team and I have made, or saved, millions of dollars for our clients. Perhaps more importantly, we helped them grow personally and realize their families’ goals and dreams.