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First Capital’s senior partners average over 30 years of investment experience. Through our combined expertise and our proprietary investment architecture, we will help you navigate today’s complex landscape across traditional and alternative strategies

Various risks can be difficult to identify. This leads many to misperceive risks and misalign portfolios with their goals. Understanding and diversifying risks and opportunities is critical to achieving successful portfolio outcomes.

At First Capital, we understand the strengths, and more importantly, the limitations, of advanced analytical techniques to better interpret the output to make better decisions.

We provide the foundation for successful solutions by:

– Building better portfolios, risk management and reporting

– Providing unique insights for a clearer perspective of risks and opportunities to increase probability of success

– Harnessing the power of our advanced quantitative and qualitative approaches to make better decisions.


Our research incorporates:

– Robust algorithms and models

– 200 factors and risk exposures

– 50,000 investment selections

– 330,000 external positions

– 450,000 public filings

– 20 million fundamental data points

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