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“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.” —Richard Branson

The Game is Changing…..Are You?


First Capital Advisors Group is an innovative financial firm building the advisory business of the future. We offer creative solutions and have the capacity to help you grow your business and we are looking for partners.


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As an organization, we appreciate advisors that think like leaders and want to make a difference. First Capital is not owned by a bank, broker-dealer, insurance company or wirehouse; it is owned by its partners. We believe in independence but also understand combining like-minded partners can create synergies and scale to assist all advisors. Our vision is to build a substantial multi-state firm, bound together by its values and allowing each advisor to benefit.

We think the wealth management business has changed to a business of “financial logistics” i.e. moving all instruments of wealth from place to place, getting financial things done, quickly and at a competitive price. First Capital believes wealth management embodies investment management, as well as, advanced estate and legacy planning, charitable planning, business succession and exit planning.

Our clients’ lives are complicated. By combining a comprehensive view with specialty solutions, we can position you to win the clients of the future. For that reason, First Capital has created an integrated wealth-planning platform for our advisors. Everything affects everything else. For example, if your client is making a real estate decision and you are not considering the impact to the estate, cash flow, insurances and investment allocation, you are not looking at the transaction in the right way. There could be gaps, overlaps and conflicts, that could cost your client time, money and aggravation.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Michael Jordan

A key reason why First Capital is a unique firm is the experience of our notable leadership team. (see our website section “Our Team”). Advisors can leverage opportunities by working alongside our elite asset management group, First Capital Investment Partners. FCIP provides advisors with investment management services such as portfolio analysis, presentation support and execution. Our powerhouse team excels at risk management, asset allocation, tax management and much more.

FCIP has created a proprietary “enhanced investment architecture” (we call it THEIA). THEIA is a scalable, systematic way to perform factor analysis and risk assessment. It is an analytical tool that looks at over 20 million data points. It is the backbone of our due diligence and research process. With THEIA, we can differentiate “skill from luck” and deliver consistent performance.

Many of our clients seek unique investments in addition to equities, fixed income and “off the shelf” products. We access these alternative investments through various distributors or by going directly to certain asset managers. We know the “right” people who will accept investments in their funds based on our past relationships. As a result, we bring institutional pricing, thought processes and products to a personal level.

Are you getting the support you need to run your business?

We all need coaching, training and personal accountability. Advisors are provided with personalized marketing and business development plans including target marketing, networking and prospect ideas. You will be integrated with the FCAG website and social media.  We provide client proposals and sales strategies. You may want to contribute to client appreciation events, outings and team meetings. We push the envelope with cutting-edge technology so our advisors can manage growth at a higher rate.

Our advisors are supported by a team of experts in client service, client onboarding processing, account transition, office administration, staff management, operations: including compliance, legal, payroll, technology, accounting, custodial and back office support.

At First Capital, we adopted a “client concierge” model built around proactive relationship management, monitoring and development. We believe in taking care of clients the “right” way and putting their fears and anxiety to rest. At FCAG we excel at personal service.

We are looking for partners to grow their business and share in our vision and values:

Independence – High Integrity – Team Oriented – Creative

If you are interested, please contact: Linda Catanzaro at lcatanzaro@ or (732) 945- 5508 ext 250



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