Reframing Retirement

Living Life On Your Own Terms

As you look into the future, there are a lot of unknowns, and the key to a secure and comfortable retirement is making sure that your plan is flexible enough to deal with the unexpected.

Using our innovative tools, we can evaluate your personal retirement plan for its sensitivity to changes and many of the different risks that can impact your chances of achieving your goals.

Planning For Retirement & Managing Your Risk

  • Longevity (Outliving your money)
    • Long retirement horizons due to longer life expectancies
    • Outliving Assets
  • Spending and Withdrawals (Running out of money)
    • Wants vs. Needs
    • Sustainability of withdrawals
    • Impact of spending behavior
  • Unknowns (“What if….”)
    • Long-term care needs
    • Potential disability
    • Medical expenses
    • Early death of a spouse
  • Inflation (Things cost more over time)
    • Erodes the value of savings and reduces returns
    • Healthcare inflation 6+%
  • Market Risks (Can’t control the markets)
    • Uncertain returns and income
    • Return sequence
    • Asset allocation and location

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