Are Financial Markets in Trouble? First Capital responds on Talk Radio

Jim Hiles talks on radio with Dave Ackerly last week (February 6, 2018) about stock market risks and activity.

At the high in January, the S&P 500 was up 7% for the year.  In February, volatility reversed course and the S&P 500 depreciated by nearly 10% from high to low.  A 10% decline is often labeled a “correction”. Jim and Dave talk about what happened and what investors should do about corrections.

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Dave Akerly has spent the past quarter-century covering events and personalities of mid-Michigan. From his time as news anchor at WLNS-TV 6, to his recent service to the State as Director of Communications for the Michigan Department of Human Services, Akerly has always been close and “dialed in” to the news and the people who make it. An Emmy-nominated reporter, Akerly has been honored many times over the years for his reporting and writing.

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