Corporate Executives

Personal Financial Planning
for Corporate Leaders

As a corporate executive, you are responsible for leading your company into the future. You understand how to take calculated risks in order to reap future rewards – but your time and energy are devoted to developing your business, not necessarily your personal financial plan.

There are endless financial options to think about, including benefit programs, compensation, retirement, stock options, estate plans and more. The question is – do you have the time, training or temperament to implement the optimal strategy?

At First Capital Advisors Group, we pair industry-leading, real-time financial planning software with decades of wealth management experience to tailor financial strategies around your unique circumstances.

Our experts offer a comprehensive financial planning program called Corporate Edge, which integrates an executive’s corporate holdings and benefits with other aspects of his or her financial plan.

We know how to create strategies that ensure your long-term financial security, while utilizing the most sophisticated tax and investment planning on the market today, including E-Money Advisor.

Service Offerings

– Investment Analysis
– Employee Benefit Plans
– Business Exit & Retirement Income Planning
– Life Insurance
– Social Security Analysis
– Medicare and Health Care Analysis

– Wills and Trusts
– Tax Reduction Strategies
– Portfolio Evaluation
– Gifting and Charitable Planning
– Public and Private Investments
– Education Funding

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