Jeff Schulte on Fox 4 News – Millennial Money Tips

4 In Your Corner has some financial advice for millennials. Jeff Schulte from First Capital Advisors Group is sharing how you can save money for the future.

Watch the video below

“Millennials are leading a different lifestyle than other generations, including the way they save.

4 In Your Corner spoke with a financial expert with what millennials can do right now to prepare for the future. Jeff Shulte from First Capital Advisors Group in Naples says millennials don’t have the advantage of retiring with a pension.

Millennials are more savvy; with technology, they have access to information other generations didn’t. Shulte says the key is to save often; you want to have $1 million in your savings account for your retirement.

It’s essential to spend responsibly; don’t spend everything you make. Have a balance between spending and saving.

Schulte also says to take inflation into consideration and to look at long-term and short-term goals.”


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