Jim Hiles – Why I’m Passionate About Wealth Management

What makes you passionate about wealth management?

Jim Hiles: To me it is a never ending challenge that requires thinking and action. Seeing a successful outcome is great and to be part of that is what I look forward to every time.

Wealth management is more than what most people think about, such as investing in stocks. It is about finding and constructing an efficient financial solution, whether it be stocks, bonds, alternatives, real estate, private equity, annuities or whatever makes sense. I am passionate about providing the best and brightest through leadership and putting those ideas to work through the end.

Wealth management is about logistics and about having the knowledge and skill to navigate the places few people have the experience to know and understand. It is about going through market cycles, booms and busts, selling business, retiring and surviving retirement. And sometimes, things don’t work out as planned and you experience a setback. In finance, loss can be awful or even debilitating. However, risk is a necessary evil and experiencing it can be brutal, but it is also an incredible teacher. It forces you to see your vulnerabilities and your shortcomings and learn from them. We have dealt with these anxieties and know how to respect risk and deal with success with humility.

I enjoy smoothing out the ride of a challenging career by delivering sound advice given by someone who knows the landscape and understands what it takes.

It’s all about the beach. For me that has been the place where I have found peace of mind and fulfillment knowing that I got there because I earned it and deserved it. I want to see more people reach their beach. Now, the beach metaphor, as results or an outcome, can be created by reaching a goal, whether that be a place of freedom, relaxation, enjoyment, being with family, vacation, independence, or comfort. Whether it is the beach, the mountains, the golf course, a cruise, a favorite place or even your own family room, it’s the peace of mind that can be achieved and supported as the result of hard work and good planning.

For more information about how to reach your beach or efficient investing and estate logistics, check out our website or give us a call at 732-945-5508.


Jim Hiles

Managing Partner

First Capital Advisors Group, LLC

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