Looking Beyond COVID-19 — Green Light for Renewable Energy and Battery Driven Vehicles

Economics of Renewable Energy Generation More Than Regulations Speed the Shift After quickly reinstating stricter environmental regulations, the Biden administration will likely propose to bring renewable electric generation up to an estimated 80% of power generation by 2035. That would compare to 17% today. Many observers predict that realistically such goals will more likely be …

Looking Beyond COVID-19 — the Years Ahead — Disruption and Opportunity

Virus Third Wave Unlike more regional virus waves during the spring and summer, the present third wave impacts the country as a whole. Past experience shows the U.S. seems to lag western Europe virus activity by 3-4 weeks. With confirmed case growth beginning to decline in Western Europe, the U.S. will hopefully experience a similar …

Jim’s Election Update

Take a few moments to listen to Jim’s short video update on the election! #election #elections #senate #growthstocks #stimulus #goplan101 #firstcapitaladvisorsgroup

Don’t Chase Yield!

Do you know why you shouldn’t chase yield?  Learn why in Jim Dee’s short video! #chasingyield #thefed #federalreserve #stockmarket #interestrates #interest #risk #portfolio #goplan101

Looking Beyond COVID-19 — Observations Post-Election Morning

Observations—Post-Election Morning With some trepidation, we issue this commentary Wednesday morning post-election day. With obvious risk, current trends this morning suggest former vice-president Biden ahead, but the outcome remains uncertain. At the same time, the Senate will likely remain narrowly in Republican hands. No matter which presidential candidate wins, a divided government will result. Figure …