First Capital Market Musings: The Fed on to Q.T.

The Federal Open Market Committee (F.O.M.C.) meets this week (Sept. 19-20) and will likely signal it will begin to shrink the size of the Fed’s balance sheet.  It will do so by reversing the results of quantitative easing using what many call quantitative tightening (Q.T.) Recent Financial Conditions Eased Surprisingly perhaps, despite the three Fed Funds …

Deep Strategy for Sound Investment Decisions

First Capital Investment Partners

Rare and undiscovered investments are the key to a truly diversified portfolio. First Capital’s institutional infrastructure includes a five-step process that allows us to more effectively analyze, communicate and manage the information necessary to make sound decisions. From macroeconomics and strategy allocation to manager selection, portfolio construction and risk management, we provide the depth and …

Mid-Year Report 2017

This is our Midyear Report in which we will quickly cover general market conditions, portfolio commentary and our outlook. Your quarterly performance report is attached as well. Lastly, I want to give you an update on what is going on at First Capital. Check out the video above! Improving economic conditions and higher earnings helped …

First Capital Advisors Group – Intro to our Blog

Hello and Welcome to the First Capital Advisors Group Resources Center. My name is Jim Hiles, and I am a Managing Partner in First Capital Advisors Group. We are an independent wealth management firm located in Little Silver, New Jersey.

To give you some background, I have been doing financial planning and investing for over 30 years, and my team and I have made, or saved, millions of dollars for our clients. Perhaps more importantly, we helped them grow personally and realize their families’ goals and dreams.